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Main products Ethanol products have 3 grades which are

1.Industrial alcohol (95.5% V/V)

2Fuel alcohol (99.85% V/V)



1. Technical alcohol

2. Fertilizer

3. Fusel oil


  • Ethanol products of KTISO Bio Ethanol Company are made from molasses (molasses) raw materials, which can be divided into 2 types which are industrial grade ethanol and fuel grade ethanol.

Industrial grade ethanol

  • Industrial grade ethanol is a 95.5 percent ethanol that can be used as raw materials in various industries such as chemical production.

Ethanol fuel grade

  • Fuel grade ethanol is a 95.5 percent purity ethanol, which is caused by the removal of 95.5 percent purity ethanol through the water separation process, suitable for making fuel as alternative energy instead of using Gasoline, for example, is mixed with gasoline at the ratio of 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline, called "gasohol".Mixing ethanol in benzene oil, in addition to saving the nation's money on fuel purchases, ethanol also makes the engine cleaner as it burns in the engine room completely, resulting in less air pollution than using gasoline.