About KTIS Bioethanol


Company History

  • KTIS Bio Ethanol Company Limited is a group company Kaset Thai International Sugar Corporation Public Company LimitedWas established with the objective in line with the government policy that wants Thailand to turn To use agricultural products and by-products in the production of bio-energy or ethanol to replace the import of octane in gasoline. The company started construction in 2004 with a production capacity of 200,000 liters of alcohol per Day and use molasses (Molasses)Which is a by-product of the companies in the Kaset Thai International Sugar Corporation Public Company Limited group, as raw materials. In 2009, it was allowed to expand the production capacity to 230,000 liters per day.


  • KTISBIO Ethanol is committed to creating products that meet world-class quality standards to meet customer needs and satisfaction, develop management systems continuously for the organization to grow sustainably by Consideration of safety, environment, human resources and Thai society is important.


  • KTISBIO Ethanol is committed to becoming an organization that can create energy-related products with world-class quality by blending the right technology and harmoniously with human resources to achieve balanced benefits to Customers, shareholders, energy, society and the nation