Fermentation process

  • Saccharomycescerevisiae yeast is a high quality strain from India, cultured and expanded enough before being sent to the fermented molasses which are then fed into the fermentation tank through the fermentation process. ContinuousFermentation, with 6 fermentation tanks, the yeast will convert the glucose in the molasses into ethanol. Fermentedwash from fermentation process will contain percent alcohol. Approx 1011% V / V.

Distillation process

  • The fermented water will be sent into the 6 distillation towers to produce industrial grade and beverage grade alcohol.

Water separation process

  • This process removes water from 95% alcohol in order to obtain 99.8% high purity ethanol by using 2 sets of Recoverycolumn and Molecularsieve using Zeochem technology from Switzerland.

Power source and electricity

  • The energy used in the production process is from a 42 ton / hour boiler with 34kg / cm2 pressure, which uses low sulfur coal as fuel and has an soot trap (ESP) to reduce air pollution. Delivered to a 3 megawatt Turbinegenerator to generate electricity to the factory.

Storage and storage of products

  • Regarding the policy regarding the product quality, the company has 4 storage tanks, which are stainless steel tanks with a total capacity of 12,000,000 liters and a nitrogen system to maintain product quality before being distributed to customers.

quality control

  • There is quality inspection in every production process. Starting from receiving molasses to ethanol Final products before selling to customers